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Best Songs about Climate Change and Global Warming

best songs about climate change and global warming

Update. Right after I posted on the social network my first list of the 10 best songs about climate change and I have received tons of comments and suggestion. The following is my second update. I will keep updating!

Thousands of artist have written climate change songs about environmentalism in the last decades. That’s why I have decided to write this list of the best songs about climate change and global warming ever released.

You will find below several Billboard hits, along with Indie productions that belong here thanks to the power of the message they deliver and the quality of the music.

Here are the best songs about climate change and global warming

Let’s take a look at the songs then, starting with a very recent release that caught my attention.

Spencer Maybe, Evolutioncide

Originally released in 2010. This Spencer Maybe’s video is inspired by the recent development concerning the Extinction Rebellion movement and by Greta Thunberg.

A vibrant call to participate in the most important fight of our times.

“Governments have all been wasting your time
Cos climate change is the biggest threat ah
Facing humankind”

Based in London, Spencer Maybe also emerged as one of the most prominent artists in the Arambol musicians community.

Michael Jackson – Earth

Released in 1995, Earth belongs to the type of Jackson’s songs made to hit with passion and sweetness. A classic ballade wrote to raise awareness about the environment and the animal rights.

“Did you ever stop to notice
All the blood we’ve shed before
Did you ever stop to notice
This crying Earth, these weeping shores”.

R.E.M. – Fall On Me

Released in 1986, Fall On Me is one of the songs about climate change that focuses on acid rain and its effect on the environment.

From R.E.M. fourth album Lifes Rich Pageant.

“There’s the progress
We have found a way to talk around the problem
Building towers
Foresight isn’t anything at all”.

Ziggy Marley, Dragonfly

Released in 2003, Dragonfly is a Ziggy Marley song that highlights the damages the Mankind has done to the different animals in our world.

“Hey miss dragonfly I see you look at me with your beautiful eyes
You must be wondering what type of creature am i”.

Neil Young – Who’s Gonna Stand Up

Released in 2014 with the album Storytone, Who’s Gonna Stand up is a powerful, orchestral climate change song which hits right where it hurts. It has a catchy chorus and powerful lyrics.

Who’s gonna stand up and save the Earth?
Who’s gonna say that she’s had enough?
Who’s gonna take on the big machine?
Who’s gonna stand up and save the Earth? 

Neil Dale – Can’t Buy it Back

A recently released, beautiful folk song by the independent songwriter Neil Dale. This beautiful climate change song reminds me of some of the best Leonard Cohen works.

Wildfires burn above the highway,
Mailbox melting in the sun;
Make room for the first wave of climate refugees,
And know that it’s just begun.

Aurora – The Seed

Released in 2019, The Seed is one of the best songs about climate change I managed to find and is booming on Youtube. It has footage of the school strikes for climate.

“When the last tree has fallen
and the rivers are poisoned
you cannot eat money

Disturbed – Another Way to Die

A powerful message and a convincing hard rock are the cocktail beneath this touching song. The Chicago-based band Disturbed tells us here that we are heading toward a very dangerous future. Released in 2010 is one of the best songs about climate change and global warming you can listen to.

“An apocalyptic plight
More destruction will unfold
Mother Earth will show her darker side
And take her toll”.

Lou Reed, Last Great American Whale

Released in 1989 on the Album New York, Lou Reed’s Last Great American Whale is a declaration about human’s lack of sensibility to animal rights.

“Well Americans don’t care for much of anything, land and water the least
And animal life is low on the totem pole, with human life not worth more than infected yeast”.

Songs about climate change and global warming: the very best

best songs about climate change and global warming

So far, the best song about climate change is Idioteque by Radiohead. Check it out.

Radiohead, Idioteque

Released on the album Kid A (2000), Radiohead’s Idioteque is one of the best songs about climate change and global warming ever released.

“We’re not scaremongering
This is really happening”.

Hey, do you know some other best songs about climate change and global warming?

Use the comments section below: I’ll be happy to consider adding the track to the list!

19 thoughts on “Best Songs about Climate Change and Global Warming”

  1. “Can’t But It Back” by Neil Dale

    and a concert of his climate -related songs:

  2. Great list. Otherwise my favourite is The Trees are All Down by Roger McGuinn, released in January 1991.
    As I really miss good climate change lyrics I started to write new lyrics to great classics.

  3. Final Hour by Bastille is a great song about global warming as it describes a person’s struggle with convincing people that we all need to make a change.

    Here’s the link:

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