Full Moon rapeh, a gentle, feminine snuff for the soul

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Full Moon rapeh is a gentle, yet powerful, shamanic powder.

Choose this snuff if you want to buy rapeh as a tool to delve into meditation, and thanks to its feminine nature it’s ideal to be used in channeling practices and to connect to a higher level of consciousness. It can also be used with a kuripe applicator to intensify the connection during tantra and tao exercises and as a preparation for more intense shamanic ceremonies such as Kambo and ayahuasca, and other plant ceremonies.

Full Moon rapé is made in Goa, and it’s becoming increasingly popular among the local spiritual and shamanic community. Produced daily in the jungle, with manual methods, it is packaged and shipped no more than 7 days after the production, to ensure its freshness.

Light brown in color, Full Moon rapé is slightly stronger than Yawanawa rapé. It delivers a moderate kick at first, followed by a long feeling of gentle euphoria that calms the senses and stimulates the chakras connected to soul and sexuality.

How is Full Moon rapeh produced?

Full Moon rapeh is produced according to the traditional method from the Amazonian tribes but made with a range of ingredients carefully selected among the most sacred and powerful herbs from the Ayurvedic realm.

A strong variety of Rustica is mixed with the ashes of the sacred Banyan tree, used here instead of the common Tsunu.

While the recipe is kept secret, the Full Moon rapé includes more than 7 herbs, all organic and locally sourced.

Full moon rapeh can be used daily.

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