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Arambol Beach: 10 Tips & Tricks to Make it to the Sunset and Beyond

arambol beach

Update: The Arambol Beach 2019 season is about to start and I’m thrilled to be part of it once again. I have slightly changed this post to make it up to date. Also, I have added at the end a video that shows pretty well how life at Arambol Beach is.

Info: updated information about coronavirus in Goa and Arambol

You may have heard Arambol Beach is unique. Well, it is. But there is a reason why the list of the best beaches in the world doesn’t mention it. Because it is not like any others. People don’t just come here to chill out or bake in the sun. You will not find fancy hotels or chic restaurants. At least not yet.

[eckosc_quote quote=”Arambol is a place where being yourself is easier because so many people here are as weird as you are, and not ashamed to be” source=”” url=”” pull=”true”]Arambol is a state of mind, a hidden gem of freedom and creativity which you will not find anywhere else on the planet. It’s a place where being yourself is easier because so many people here are as weird as you are, and not ashamed to be.

But to enjoy it, there is something you should know first, and that’s why I have written this post. I’ve been living in Arambol for three years now and I’m still a rookie. But I love it. And I would like you to love it too.

So, read on. And if you’ve been there and have anything to say or add, please use the comments section below and I will be more than happy to fine tune it under your contributions.

1. Don’t just go to Arambol Beach. Be part of it

Going to Arambol Beach is easy. But as soon as you arrive, you may feel yourself a bit of an alien. What in the world do all those hippies do all day? Why is the beach so dirty? And why doesn’t the lifeguard doesn’t just let you swim in peace???

Arambol Beach is not the best beach in the world. Not in the usual sense. People that live there love it because of the spirit of belonging. Because they can be themselves. Because they feel surrounded by other people, who share their same way of living.

If you really want to come to Arambol Beach, then be ready to get involved. Do not just enjoy that incredible feeling of freedom. Instead, be prepared to open yourself. Don’t just listen to Arambol musicians playing right be fore to join the Arambol Open Mic: sing along with them. Don’t just watch all those incredible jugglers and yoga junkies: show them what you can do and teach them something they don’t know.

Be part of the beach, and you will see how much that golden sand will give you in return.

2. Don’t act like a hippie: be one

arambol beach hippies

So many tourists come to Arambol Beach for the first time and try hard to look like a hippie. I have seen it so many times. There is nothing really wrong with that, but it is useless.

[eckosc_quote quote=”You cannot be a hippie for a week.” source=”” url=”” pull=”true”]Being a hippie is not about the way you behave or the clothes you wear. It is a truly fascinating, wildly extreme, hard way of living. You cannot be a hippie for a week. You just can’t. So, don’t just try to look like one, but try to understand what it means to be one.

Arambol is open and forgiving. If you want to be part of it don’t try to disguise yourself. Instead, show who you really are, no matter if you shave every morning or wear a button-down shirt. Because being who they really are is exactly what real hippies do.

3. Arambol Beach cheap accommodations are the best

Although there are several fancy places to stay in Arambol (like Lotus Sutra), I would advise you not to choose them. A/C, immaculate bedsheets, and elaborate furniture are enjoyable, but far away from the Arambol vibe.

Arambol Beach is filled with amazing cheap accommodations that allow you to stay for 300-700 rupees per night. Check Laughing Buddha out, for example. No, you may not be at the Hilton, but you will feel closer to the lifestyle that makes Arambol so special.

Live cheap. Eat a thali instead of some so-called Italian food. Give up your heels for a pair of flip-flop. The best this beach has to offer is free.

4. Don’t try to score: it is not going to work

Arambol beach is filled with amazing boys and girls. People that are average looking in the Matrix seem to bloom in Arambol and become beautiful, handsome, even hot.

However, the magic only happens because they feel safe to show who they really are. Once here you will soon realize how little people judge each other. Beauty comes with freedom of expression.

Therefore, no matter if you are a dude or a gal, please: don’t hit of everyone like a crazy person. You don’t need to! Instead, be yourself and be open. Show your real character, and you will see how easily you will connect.

5. Don’t waste your time on Tinder

Does Tinder working at Arambol Beach? Of course it does. But it’s not worth it. Most Arambolians come here to escape the Matrix and the last thing they want is to go digital while dating.

Go to the beach instead. Go to a concert. Go chill out in a shack. Boys and girls are there, ready to connect upon a smile.

6. Be open to learning, but teach something too

Arambol Beach repels back many tourists. It is definitely not a place to just sunbathe and chill out. Not only, at least. To experience it in full, be ready to open your heart. Overcome your shyness. Learn to hula-hop, juggle, play an instrument or sing. Experiment rapé or some other cool thing around.

Be ready to pay your teachers. These people don’t have much money as money is not the main concern in their lives. But they need to eat and they need to survive, so “live cheap” then, but give generously.

And when you are done, pass it on. Teaching what you know to somebody is extremely satisfying and this is especially true in Arambol. Learning and teaching is the number one way to connect here. Do it and you will never regret it.

7. No topless at Arambol Beach, please (but there’s a concession)

keri beach

If you are a girl and you are willing to get rid of your bra, don’t. This is not Copacabana or France: this is India and going topless here is a big no-no.

Furthermore, many boys come to Arambol from small Indian villages, where sexuality is a big taboo. Seeing your boobs could instantly give them a heart attack.

There are however a couple of spots where you may want to try. One is in Keri Beach. There is a small, hidden place on the left side of the main beach, which you can reach by passing through a cave. I have seen girls going topless there. Just be careful and be with friends since you never know.

8. Hold back on your desire for selfie

Taking a selfie is a delicate issue. With social networks taking over the world, more and more people don’t like to be in somebody else’s phone, especially in a total stranger’s phone! This is true at Arambol Beach too.

[eckosc_quote quote=”Native Americans believed that taking a photo of them was equal to stealing their soul.” source=”” url=”” pull=”true”]Therefore, no matter how cool it would be for you to have a photo with a cute Russian girl in a bikini, try not to ask all of them for a selfie. Control your desire and wait until you know the girl. Then, and only then, ask nicely and do NOT insist if she refuses or act embarrassed.

Remember: Native Americans believed that taking a photo of them was equal to stealing their soul.

9. Buy stuff at the Sunset Market

The Arambol Sunset Market is awesome but is having a hard time lately. Police want it to disappear and they pursue this goal persistently, sometimes even harshly. However, many Arambol longtimers rely on it for a living. The market doesn’t really impact on the local economy. It is a drop in the bucket.

So, spend some rupees there. Buy a stone or a pendant, ask for a tarot reading; taste a home-made chapati. You will help a harmless, beautiful micro-economy to survive and at the same time, you will have a great opportunity to connect.

10. Go dancing at the Drum Circle

arambol drum circle

If you know how to dance, go dancing at the Drum Circle. If you don’t know how to dance, go dancing at the Drum Circle anyway.

It happens every day at sunset, it is one of the cornerstones of Arambol Beach, and it’s terrific. No one organizes it: it just starts happening naturally at the beginning of the season when a couple of drummers begin to play together, and it can get really wild and fun.
Oh, and if you have a drum bring it with you because anybody can play there and mistakes are well forgiven.

If you have the chance, come to Arambol Beach in February

Yes, come in February. Because February is Carnival Time!

Arambol Carnival is an incredible happening where thousands of people gather together to party at the beach from noon ’til late at night.

So, come to Arambol Beach and check out the following link to get the updated schedule for Arambol Carnival 2019.

And now a video about Arambol beach. Check it out!

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