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Arambol Carnival: how to participate to the best parade in Goa

arambol carnival

Update: the date has been set for Arambol Carnival 2012. It will happen on February 18th. The most exciting Goa Carnival will occur at the end of February on Arambol Beach. The theme of the parade will be the Jungle. So, if you are planning to participate, start planning your carnival costume accordingly.

Arambol Carnival is a fantastic, mind-blowing party anyone can experience in Arambol beach. A one-day parade started years ago by Zouzou, an American, talented actor, and comedian who travels to Goa every year with one and one only goal in mind: to give the Arambol community and tourists a unique adventure.

Arambol Carnival happens every year somewhere at the beginning of February (In 2018 it was on Feb 8th, but it is not a fixed date) and it involves thousands of people. Some of them are, let’s say, the core of the event: many Arambol musicians and artists who participate in creating art installations and performances. But the vast majority are the many tourists from dozens of countries that have the privilege to enjoy the whole event for free.

arambol carnival parade

How to participate in Arambol Carnival?

To participate in Arambol Carnival is easy: just go to Arambol beach in the afternoon, on the cliff side, search for the crowd and join them. You can also join the Arambol Open Mic every Friday and ask about the Carnival. You don’t necessarily need to disguise yourself. In fact, most of the tourists just enjoy the parade without actually do anything, or they just enjoy some rapé by the beach.
Although, the Arambol Carnival gives it best to the ones who really participate. So, try to be in town a few days earlier, look for ZouZou (you can probably meet him at Arcan Bar) and ask to be part of the parade: he will be more than happy to find you something to do.

zouzou haha arambol

Weather you are Indian or a foreigner, the Arambol Carnival will be welcoming to you. If you are a musician or an artist you can set up a performance at the beach during the parade. You can also help in building something with your hands. Free your creativity and put it at the service of the community. In exchange, you will receive an unforgettable experience.

What makes Arambol Carnival so unique?

Unlike many Carnival parades around the world, the Arambol Carnival represents the pure expression of the hippy community. It is wild, free, vibrant. It ends with a concert which involves most of the musicians from Arambol and Goa and goes on until late at night. And, oh boys: the after-concert party is something you don’t want to miss.

So, what about Arambol Carnival 2019?

Will Arambol Carnival 2019 be different? Yes. Each year, ZouZou announces a new theme for the Carnival. In 2018 the theme was “Ancient Cultures” and everybody freed their creativity showing up at Arambol Beach as Roman Legionaries, Gods of Nature, Maya princesses…
So, I expect ZouZou to announce a new theme for Arambol Carnival 2019 by December

ZouZou recently announced the theme of the 2019 edition. Oceans! Fish then, but also mermaids and… plastic? I will update this post as soon as I will have more info about it.


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