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Kuripe Etsy | The 5 best rapé self applicators to buy on Etsy

    best kuripe etsy

    So, you decided to buy a rapé pipe, don’t you? Amazing! Although there are dozens of stores out there, the best option you have is to shop at the world’s biggest marketplace for craftmanship and search for Kuripe Etsy.

    This is a significant update to this post. I did some research to find the new kuripe on sale on Etsy and substituted most of the models mentioned in the original version.

    If you are looking for a pipe to administer rapé to another person, you need a tepi pipe instead of a kuripe.

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    But which are the best kuripe on Etsy? It depends on your taste, of course. Nevertheless, here is a list of the kuripe which, in my humble opinion, are the best rapé self applicators to buy on Etsy today.

    Before starting, if you wanna know everything about the rapé self applicator, check my post What is a Kuripe.

    The best Kuripe on Etsy: overall

    If you are looking for a tribal, sophisticated rapé pipe, this kuripe can be what you are looking for.

    This is a ceremonial Kuripe applicator to administer shamanic rapé snuff tobacco during rituals like Ayahuasca and Kambo ceremonies. It features a rare spiral shell called Shiva Eye.

    Shiva Eye Shell, also called Pacific Cat’s Eye, is believed to open the Third Eye Chakra which transforms negative energy. It is a beautiful natural gem made of calcium carbonate with a brown and black band carved into the shape of the eye. Lord Shiva other than India is worshiped in countries, Tibet, and Sri Lanka, the gem’s name is derived from the Lord Shiva third eye in the middle of the idol’s forehead.

    You can buy this Kuripe on Etsy here

    A beautiful, shamanic stone kuripe

    Here is my favorite stone kuripe. It is available in three versions, with different stones and shamanic symbols. It’s called Moon, and it is made out of bamboo and clay.

    You can purchase it with a handmade leather pouch and a rapé container.

    The Moon stone Kuripe costs 30 around dollars.

    You can buy the Moon stone Kuripe on Etsy here

    A small Kuripe for city life: Metro Spirit

    Rapé is getting more and more popular in many big cities. This new model, called Metro Spirit, looks perfect for a metropolitan environment.

    A small rapé pipe made of bamboo and leather, available in different colors and improved with silver trim and a precious gem.

    You can buy this Kuripe on Etsy here

    A cheaper rapé pipe, but still very cute

    Called Spirit Bird, this is a small, tribal Kuripe self-applicator that adapts well to either small and big noses. A hand-made pipe made to administer rapé ceremonial snuff tobacco, (hapeh) in Ayahuasca and Kambo ceremonies, and other occasions.

    It comes in 3 color variations, all inspired by the earth and it features some nice macrame and metal beads.

    You can order it (optional) with a handmade pouch made in Rajasthan, India.

    You can buy this Kuripe on Etsy here

    An alternative for the ones who love macrame

    If you like sophisticated design and macrame, this is one of the best kuripe you can buy on Etsy at the moment.

    It features a gem in a silver trim and comes in 3 colors. It is called Third Eye and comes with a metal bird beads and an optional pouch.

    This kuripe applicator has been designed with the Native Americans in mind. A rapé pipe elegant and rough at the same time, to be used to administer sacred rapeh in Kambo and Ayahuasca ceremonies, and other rituals.

    You can buy this Kuripe on Etsy here

    The best tribal kuripe on Etsy

    If a tribal vibe is what you are looking for, this kuripe can be for you.

    This is a ceremonial pipe to administer shamanic rapé snuff tobacco during rituals like Ayahuasca and Kambo ceremonies.

    The skull, made of natural bone, symbolizes the connection with our deeper self and can channel more energy during the rapé ceremony.

    You can buy this pipe on Etsy here

    An expensive (but amazing) rapé pipe

    This is the pipe I use in my rapé Ceremonies.
    A double kuripe that allows to self-administer shamanic snuff in a single shot, which is the preferred way for some shamans I know.
    This applicator is unique in many ways. I first made one for myself and I will make yours the same way.
    All the material I use, from the wood to the bamboo, is found in nature, here in Goa. The bone is also natural and belongs to wild animals.
    The stone is a Tiger Eye, which has the power to focus the mind, promoting mental clarity, and assisting us to resolve problems objectively and unclouded by emotions.

    Tell me about your taste!

    As I was saying before, beauty is a matter of taste. I wrote this list in my personal taste. If you have any advice to make this list longer, I would be happy to consider it. Use the comment section below.

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